Nodigit ‘Reunion’

by [Admin] Shelly - April 8, 2017

Hello All!
(Or anyone active.)

I have made this Blog Post to announce a “Nodigit meet-up.”

It’s nothing special. I might have something Easter themed built.

The Nodigit Meet-Up to purely see who supports the server, and would like it up and running. The gathering will continue until we have nothing to talk about and everyone eventually logs off. So if you can’t make it at the specific time, I’m sure some people will be on longer.

It will be held on the 14/04/17 (FRIDAY for Americans, or SATURDAY for Australians)

The times will be as followed:

Australia – NINE AM

Washington, DC, USA – SEVEN PM

California, USA – FOUR PM

London - TWELVE AM

Please note these are the Basic Timezones on players who played Nodigit.

All I know at the moment is I’m the only staff attending, as I haven’t spoken to anyone about this decision.

Please attend, it would be a great “reunion”