Minecraft Server Rules

Below is a list of our Minecraft server rules. Abusing these rules will result in jail time or ban from the server.

If you were jailed/banned by mistake or just want a second chance, you can appeal your ban here.


1. Griefing is not allowed, but raiding is. (More Info)

2. Offensive language will not be tolerated.

3. Don’t spam the chat or overuse capital letters.

4. Don’t harass other players.

5. Don’t build offensive structures.

6. Don’t discuss other servers/websites or share server IP’s.

7. Don’t ask to be promoted to staff.

8. Don’t encourage others to break rules.

9. Don’t share or ask other players about personal information.

10. Don’t take advantage of exploits or use any kind of hacks.

11. Do not use an alternate account to go on any of the Nodigit servers while banned. If you do, you will be banned on that account as well.